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Weight Stigma & Discrimination


Rathbone, J. A., Jetten, J., & Cruwys, T. (2022). Perceived legitimacy of weight-based discrimination: Consequences for group identity, collective action, body satisfaction, and self-esteem. Body Image, 41, 156-162.

Rathbone, J. A., Cruwys, T., & Jetten, J. (2021). Non-stigmatising alternatives to anti-obesity public health messages: Consequences for health behaviour and well-being. Journal of Health Psychology, 1-14.

Rathbone, J. A., Cruwys, T., Jetten, J., & Barlow, F. K. (2020). When stigma is the norm: How weight and social norms influence the healthcare we receive. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 1-17.


Major, B., Rathbone, J. A., Blodorn, A. B., & Hunger, J. M. (2020). The countervailing effects of weight stigma on weight-loss motivation and perceived capacity for weight control. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 46(9), 1331-1343.


I have presented my work at several webinars and conferences. Due to the pandemic, some of these had to be done virtually. The upside is that they were recorded and are available online for those who are interested :)

Social Identity and Groups Network monthly seminar series:


Interested in how the perceived legitimacy of weight-based discrimination influences group identification and well-being among higher weight people


What about how norms that endorse weight stigma affect health professionals' treatment approach to patients of different body weights

Click the links to watch these presentations.

Find out more...

Have a read of this article I wrote for BPS The Psychologist about why we need to change our approach to public health promotion:

Rethinking the public health approach to obesity, The Psychologist

Listen to me talking with 4ZZZ Brisbane radio Know Idea science show hosts about my research on alternative ways we can frame public health messages to minimise stigma and maximise effeciveness:

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